Cup of Tao
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
S1E11 - Lao Tzu and his empty cup
S1E10 - Be true to your nature
S1E9 - Simplify your life
S1E8 - Ice cream and a yellow Jeep
S1E7 - Taoism and acceptance
S1E6 - Meditation Monkeys
S1E5 - How many Taoists does it take to change a light bulb?
S1E4 - Now is the only time
S1E3 - People can be mean
S1E2 - Self Limiting Factors
Cup of Tao - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times. This podcast incorporates Taoist philosophy and modern contextual psychology principles, which are presented as educational skills and guidelines for living in today's uncertain times. A podcast for those who have an interest in Taoism, Eastern-philosophy, and mindfulness-based skills. Podcast by Chris L McClish, who has held many roles in life including having a lengthy career as a psychotherapist, as well as having served as an author, clinical supervisor, Judo sensei, personal trainer, and mindfulness meditation instructor. For those into: #mindfulness, #taoism, #taoteching, #taoist, #meditation, #taoteacher, #tao, #taoismpodcast Disclaimer: Information is editorial in nature and views expressed are solely those of the host. Information presented does not constitute medical, psychiatric, psychological, nor professional advice. By listening to this podcast, you agree not to use this podcast or blog as medical, psychological, or any type of advice to treat any medical or mental condition in either yourself or others. This entire disclaimer also applies to any guests or contributors to the podcast. Under no circumstances shall Chris L McClish, CoachCMC LLC, any guests or contributors to the podcast be responsible for damages arising from use or misuse of this podcast. All rights reserved. Copyright CoachCMC LLC 2018-2020.